Free Online Grammar Test For Beginners
Grammar is the backbone of effective English Language Communication!

How is your grammar? Do you feel challenged often when you use tenses, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, plural forms, etc.?

Grammar tends to be one of the most crucial aspects of English Language whether it's speaking, writing, reading or listening. It is imperative to understand grammatical structures to be able to use English language effectively and more especially so when it comes to English for academic purposes. The quality of a good speech or piece of writing is often judged from the quality of grammatical structures used among other criteria.

As a beginner in English language learning, it is very important not to neglect grammar from the very beginning because certain grammatical mistakes are better corrected from the very beginning. If allowed to become a habit, they can become very difficult to eliminate in the future. If you are learning English on your own, make sure you always have a dictionary handy and make good use of websites / software like Grammarly to correct your mistakes. If you have an English teacher, make sure you remind the teacher to correct your grammar every time you make a mistake.

Some English learners tend to neglect some English grammatical mistakes because they consider them to be insignificant since the overall meaning of the sentence can still be understood. Look at the example of the following grammatically incorrect sentence:

"Yesterday I go shopping with my mother and his sister."

This sentence has two grammatical mistakes: "go" should be "went" and "his" should be "her" but in spite of these two mistakes the overall meaning of the sentence can still be understood. This example and many others account for the negligence in learning correct English grammar. Many English learners think without correct English grammar they can still communicate with English speakers and convey meaning. Although I agree with them to some extend, I still recommend the effective learning of correct English grammar especially when it comes to English for academic purposes. In all standardized English tests, poor use of grammar is seriously penalized.

Test your basic grammar by taking this basic grammar test in which you will be challenged to answer 30 questions in 15minutes. You can click on this link to go to the test page or scan the QR code on the image below.

English Grammar Tes - Basic Level

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