IELTS Speaking Test Guide
Helping you get your desired score in the Speaking Test.

Buy your copy of the newly published book IELTS Speaking Test Guide.

        This is a new book by the veteran ESL teacher D. Nkwetato. The book is for candidates preparing for the Speaking Test considered the most challenging of the four sections of the test. You can now get the book online at all major bookstores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Lulu, Books2read, etc. The book is available in two formats, ebook and paperback. You just have to type the title of the book IELTS Speaking Test Guide into your search engine to see which bookstore link is the most convenient for you to buy a copy. You can also just search the name of the author D. Nkwetato Tamonkia.

Here is an example of a link to a bookstore where you can find all his books. Click here.


         IELTS Speaking Test Guide as the name suggests, is a must-have book for the guiding of candidates preparing for IELTS, be they first timers or candidates retaking the test with the aim of improving their score in speaking. The speaking test is considered by most candidates to be the most challenging of the four sections of the test for several reasons including the ones below:

  • The difficulty of speaking fluently
  • The lack of a good variety of words, phrases and sentences to express ideas.
  • The challenge of understanding questions asked by the native English speaking examiner.
  • The difficulty of managing the short time within which the candidate is expected to understand, organize ideas and produce correct answers to questions asked.
  • The uneasiness of facing a native speaker of a language for about 15 minutes alone in a room.

This book attempts to solve these challenges to some extent in the following ways:

  • Providing words and phrases candidates can use to enhance fluency when speaking.
  • Providing an elaborate list of words and sentences grouped under various topics that frequently appear in the test.
  • The audio file available in the book gives the candidate an idea of how the examiner will sound in terms of accent. Candidates using this book are advised to listen to the audio as many times as possible in order to get used to native English accent.
  • Time management is discussed in details in the book with a break down analysis of average time frames for questions in each of the sections of the speaking test. Candidates preparing for the test are encouraged to time and record themselves as they practice answering sample questions given in the book. This is the best way for candidates to practice time management.
  • Elaborate advice is provided on how candidates can maintain calm and good composure while in the test room with the examiner.

The book is written by a veteran ESL teacher who has been preparing students for IELTS since 1998. With extensive knowledge of the specific problems candidates face, he presents the material in a step-by-step style making it easy for any one using the book to find answers to specific spoken English problems.

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