Practice Using Adjectives and Adverbs – Beginners

Practice using adjectives and adverbs - Beginners

When we teach kids adjectives and adverbs the one basic rule we teach them is that adjectives go with nouns and adverbs go with verbs. Then we have to teach them whether to place the adjective before or after the noun and whether to place the verb before or after the verb. Consider the following examples:

1. "John is wearing a big coat". In this sentence the adjective "big" must precede the noun "coat"

2. "John is eating slowly." In this sentence the adverb "slowly" is usually placed after the verb "eating". However, is it okay to make the adverb precede the verb? Think about the same sentence with a small change. "John is slowly eating."

Using these two basic rules above you can attempt the exercises attached below and your teacher will help you correct them. Remember all rules have exceptions! Good luck with the exercise.

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