Free Online English Vocabulary Test

Free Online English Vocabulary Test

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Beginners learning English as a second language usually have limited English vocabulary because most of them don't live in an English speaking community. They hardly see things written in English around them. Most of the words and expressions they know are limited to those found in their English textbooks used in class.

The DNT Academy VocabularyBL test, like many other test the academy provides,  can help you evaluate the English vocabulary level of a learner. Students can take the test at anytime, anywhere and using any computer or smartphone connected to the Internet. Test results are made available once the test is submitted.

There are 40 questions to be answered in 20minutes. The page closes automatically when 20 minutes are over, so the candidate must be very conscious of the time. Submission is done once.

Questions found in the test cover different styles such as; Identifying opposites, sorting out odd words and words describing pictures. A smart student can easily get 100%.

The main goal of these tests is just to check whether the learner has the basic foundation upon which further learning can be built.

Click here to go to the vocabulary test page.

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